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Web Design and Development

MCM Vehicles / Southern Comfort Conversions, designer and creator of custom trucks, vans, and SUV's wanted a website that better reflected the company's cutting edge vehicles and state of the art manufacturing facility. Red Mountain Solutions Group teamed up with Nocturnal Creative, a local design firm, to create a website loaded with bold imagery and stunning visual effects. Jeffrey Hunter, Director of Development for MCM Vehicles, said the website stayed true to their original vision and surpassed their expectations. Read More

Custom System Design and Programming

Alscan, one of the Southeast's leading security system integrators, had outgrown their manual inventory process and needed a robust solution for keeping track of equipment that would integrate with their existing ERP software. Red Mountain Solutions Group was able to provide them with a system that utilized bar code scanners and printers that makes sure they know what job or location any piece of equipment is on and how much stock they have on hand at any given time. Debbie Cantrell, controller for Alscan, says the system has increased the speed of their workflow in more ways than they could have ever imagined. Read More