Database & Programming Services

Is your computer system working for you, or do you work for it? A lot of businesses go out of their way to keep using equipment and systems they've had forever. Ask a lot of folks why they export a report from one program then spend hours adjusting it just to import it back into more software, and they will say "We've always done it that way". If you can relate to this, we should talk. We can turn those hours into seconds by writing a new report or creating a program to do all the work for you. They say "time is money" and we can save you both!

Looking for help with your database or custom software? In addition to reporting and data mining, we also build large custom systems to solve business problems. We've done all kinds of database work and we specialize in SQL, legacy Foxpro, and Visual Foxpro systems. If you are looking for someone to maintain your legacy system, convert it to newer technology, or solve a new business problem then give us a call!

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