Web & Internet Services

Does your business have a website that is designed and maintained specifically to meet the goals of your business? These days not having a website is unacceptable. Even having a great looking site is not enough. Your business must have a website that drives people to it kicking and screaming, and then does everything possible to drive those people to buy your business's products or services when they get there.

Have you taken a look at your website on mobile phones and tablets? Phones and tablets make up a huge portion of the traffic on the internet today. If your site doesn't function properly on phones and tablets you are missing a major market! We test all our sites for functionality on mobile, and if your project warrants it, we can design a mobile specific site, or mobile app for your business.

We offer an end to end web strategy package. Red Mountain Solutions Group will design an attractive site geared specifically to accomplish your business's goals or overhaul your existing site to bring in the customers that it is currently missing. We will also deliver reliable hosting for your site and continually maintain and fine tune the website so it is optimized for search engines. We will assist you in, or completely manage your search engine marketing and facebook campaigns.

Red Mountain Solutions Group also does web application development specializing in PHP. We can maintain existing and design new Wordpress or other CMS based sites. We can advise you in or manage your SEO,SEM, Adwords, Google+, Facebook, or other online marketing campaigns. We do Flash to HTML5 conversion and mobile optimzation for websites. We take search engine optimization (SEO) for our clients seriously.

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